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Soulful Soundbites Podcast

About the Podcast Host

I am Erica Smigielski - a Depth Hypnosis and Applied Shamanic Practitioner and host of Soulful Soundbites - and provide a safe place for tender views and exploration for anyone looking to nourish their soul in practical and relatable ways. I answer questions, contemplate ideas, and share experiences connecting the physical world with the spiritual world.

As a collective, we are in a transitional era where we are moving away from decade-old structures and paradigms and moving into living more harmoniously with new ways of being. I feel now is the time to help shepherd your hopes to access your inherent wisdom and operate from a place of empowerment as we move into a time of re-birth. So I decided to launch my podcast and spark soulful discussions through words, emotions, feelings, and stories.

Each show is a snippet or bite-size insight from a much larger, esoteric, and sometimes mysterious topic that's expressed in snackable ways for you to easily absorb and nurture your spirit. The discussions are soulful - meaning they have depth and are intended to inspire you to reflect and connect with your divinity. And through each episode, I place energetic 'milk bottles' to help those who seek or need a ray of light to help move through a transition.  

My client practice, SparkPath Healing, helps people like you get out of the way of themselves. When you feel overwhelmed, lost or disconnected, you're in the way of yourself. And through spiritual healing, you can spark an awakening within your consciousness and align with your authentic Self. I hold space and bring light for you to:

• Bring balance into your life when suffering from depression, addiction, anger, or anxiety
• Neutralize constant negativity experienced through your inner critic, chronic disease, or critical parent
• Unearth and heal suffering, pain, and distress caused by trauma
• Better understand yourSelf and your spirit

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