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Love. Love. Love.

The Black Madonna episode had me in tears! I felt like I was right there alongside Erika, making the same pilgrimage and gaining the same insights with her. Erika has a special talent of bringing you in safely and guiding you towards insights you have been waiting to discover. I love this podcast. The perfectly condensed length goes by quickly but gives you so much to ponder on for the rest of the week.

Worth taking a moment to reflect

Erica has a way of giving us the permission that we all feel we need, to pause, reflect and just be our natural self. We need to stop chasing what society says we need to be. Erica provides a safe place to pause and be in the moment allowing us to grow from the inside.

Perfectly timed & insightful

I love this podcast! She manages to convey such a rich message in such a short time . As a person trying to get in touch with my spiritual side, I like that her down to earth approach to the topics makes everything more palatable

Bite-sized, nourishing insights!

I love the concept behind this podcast - brief, practical doses of wisdom that help the listener get unstuck on their spiritual path. Erica’s voice is engaging, supportive, open-hearted, and open-minded, and I love the curiousity and compassion with which she frames these conversations. Looking forward to future episodes!

So Excited!

I’m so excited to learn from this soulfully connected ray of sunlight. Erica is so easy to listen too and her genuine desire to teach spirituality and development shines through and I cannot wait to learn more!