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Nov. 4, 2022

Stonehenge Portal

Stonehenge Portal

In the last two episodes, I focused on my summer pilgrimage to connect with the divine feminine. In this episode, I share my travels to Stonehenge, an energy portal that gave me an energetic experience like no other. Come join me on this adventure!

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In the last two episodes, I focused on my summer pilgrimage to connect with the divine feminine. In this episode, I share my travels to Stonehenge, an energy portal that gave me an energetic experience like no other. Come join me on this adventure!

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Hey Friends.

In the last two episodes, I focused on my summer pilgrimage to connect with the divine feminine. In this episode, I share my travels to Stonehenge, an energy portal that gave me an energetic experience like no other. 

Come join me on this adventure!

Experience Stonehenge

Another stop on my family's summer travels was London. And at the top of my list was to visit Stonehenge on the Salisbury Plain in Wiltshire, England.

Besides it being a massive cosmic portal, the factual data I gathered before visiting Stonehenge was limited and more or less could be summed up by saying...

  • It was built by people about 5,000 years ago and supposedly took over 1,000 years to build
  • It's still a mystery how these stones got there!  
  • It's equally a mystery what Stonehenge was used for; yet, some say it was used as a calendar to help study the stars, a place for healing, and a cemetery. 
  • It's a portal through time, as described in the Outlander book series and TV series.

Nonetheless, Stonehenge was a must-see for me. And while we were thrifty in many aspects of our travels - this was one we (ahem I) was not.

We paid extra to have an intimate experience of Stonehedge with a small group of people inside the circle of the vertical standing stones at dawn - rather than from a distance with 100s of other visitors.

This experience meant we were up and in the car by 3 am for a 2 1/2-hour drive. When we arrived in the parking lot, the shuttle was waiting. So we hopped on the shuttle and headed to the prehistoric monument. We headed down the trail toward the stones when we got off the bus. 

As we walked, I noticed the cloud cover that blanketed the area. The sky was starting to wake up, and the sun was peaking through the clouds - it was very much how I was feeling in my body, beginning to wake up and peeking through the early morning to see the monument.

The Salisbury plains were expansive, untouched, and rugged. The birds soared effortlessly in the skies. The trees in the distance swayed with the wind. The wind was crisp and had a chill to it. It reminded me of the crisp, eerie feeling I had as we walked toward the monument.

While our tour guide seemed to have a headstart on caffeine and was quite chatty, I found myself in two worlds. I listened to the tour guide explain the science and scientific measures to quantify, justify and validate how these stones came to be as it is from the seen world. Yet, simultaneously, I was experiencing it from the unseen energetic world.

I couldn't ignore the lure and draw of these stones. It exerts magnetic energy that it's held over millennia - attracting all walks of life. 

There was lush green grass surrounding the stones, between the stones, and all around the stones. We were given strict rules NOT to touch the stones. Yet the desire to touch them was irresistible.

As we walked towards the stones and then stood amongst the stones - I felt tiny. Insignificant. The nothingness of my being. Yet I also felt energetically alive and vibrating. It was like many lifetimes of my existence arrived and somehow needed to be braided together. 

On an impulse, I weaved my way through the stones. I muted the tour guide to be in and with these stones. I paused to feel the stones energetically, to be in their wisdom and with the stories they've witnessed over the millennia. I was a student to these stone teachers. Then it was like they were holding my own stories across lifetimes that I've been carrying. I felt lifetimes of ancestors behind me and around me as I walked around the stones.

The sun continued to wake up the skies and the qualities of the stones. I could see every crack, nook, and cranny - sort of like how I energetically was sensing my nooks and crannies and noticing how some connected to times long, long, ago.

I marveled at how symmetrically and asymmetrically the stones lined up. I wondered how they arrived here and how huge rocks rested on top of others. I envisioned what it's like to be here for the Summer Solstice when the cosmic stones are celebrated. It was blissful peace and serene being in this energy.

Then I sat by the stones. The damp grasses kissed my bottom while the wind blew through me. I closed my eyes so I could see and experience even more. I saw multiple strands of energetic cords and how they came together braided - like the braiding of stories that occurred when I weaved through the stones. I saw a thick golden braided thread that was cut and realized it was cutting of the cords over many of my lifetimes. 

It was at that moment that I felt so free and light. AND I felt energetically bigger! It was like recovering my energy. And I couldn't even hold the significance of what was happening and what I was experiencing.

Energetic Cords

Let me pause and expand on energetic cords, as this may be a new concept for you.

The idea behind energy cords is that invisible strands of energy extend out of you and connect with other people, places, animals (like a beloved pet), and even objects or things. They are energy structures that connect to your energy bodies (aura or chakras) - similar to an umbilical cord or a rope. 

These cords are not on your conscious level but exist at the subconscious and unconscious levels. Even though you cannot see or feel them with the naked eye, they can greatly affect your life.

They transfer emotional energy and life force energy between two people or objects. It doesn't matter how far away the other person is. This connection can still be felt.

The energy exchange can be clean and mutual when these cords are formed from love and cause no harm. However, the exchange can also be draining and lower your vibration. This happens when cords form through fear, anger, manipulation, and other harmful means. And, by the way, you are creating cords all the time as you interact with others. 

If you're now wondering if anyone has an energy cord attached to you (or if you might have a negative energy cord attached to someone else), consider asking yourself:

  1. Which of your relationships feel unbalanced?
  2. Scan your body and notice if and where there are imbalances. 

Let's look at this closer for a minute. In terms of your relationship, it could be relationships past or present that hurt you, or the ties feel blocked. Or you may exert too much into the relationship. Oh! And it could be more subtle and look like someone you keep thinking about or even dream about. 

Now let's look at when you scan your body. Are their inexplainable aches and pains? Do you continuously get sick or have unhealthy habits like excessive drinking or smoking? The negative cords may appear through your body as depression, feeling stuck, splayed, or lost. Or maybe overwhelmed by anxiety. 

Regardless of where or how the cords appear in your energy field, there are many ways to cut the cords. Here are a few practical, relatable ones.

  1. Salt Bath: Salt helps to cleanse your energetic body and brings you into a state of balance.
  2. Smudging: The ritual of cleansing with smoke purifies the energetic body and helps to re-establish a connection with the Divine. This could be as simple as lighting a candle and taking a few deep breaths to quiet the mind and be still. And then, through your mind's eye, cutting all cords that are not serving you.
  3. Journaling: Write out everything you want to say to another person. Don't hold back. Share your frustrations and your desires. After you are complete, you may burn the writing as a symbol of release. If you do, I encourage you to bury or cover the ashes with dirt so Mother Earth can transform it into love and light.

In Hindsight

  1. Let's travel back to Stonehenge, where I shared the multiple strands of energetic cords that came together braided. When this cord was cut, again, I realized it was cutting cords over many of my lifetimes. And even though I felt so free, light, AND energetically bigger - I couldn't even hold the significance of what was happening and what I was experiencing.

Now, months later, I've had time to process this experience and see so much more.

  • I see that cutting this energetic braided cord helped me move through a transition I wasn't fully aware of.
  • I see I'm no longer carrying the burden and weight of the past. 
  • I see how this freed me to move forward with lightness and a sense of openness.
  • I see this experience as akin to a Shamanic Power and Soul Retrieval. 
  • I see it was the collection of the stones, grass, birds, sun, and moon encapsulated into one cosmic experience that became a celestial experience.
  • I see it was a place where I sensed eternal time where all things are known, yet nothing is known.

Full Circle

So. To come full circle, I fully acknowledge you don't need to be at an energetic portal like Stonehenge to cut energetic cords. And, sometimes, a source greater than you and me helps you cut your energetic cords at unpredictable times in unexpected ways. 

That said, the one thing I hope you get from this episode is to notice what energetic cords you may have. And whether you need to cut that cord to free yourself and move forward with lightness and openness. And unlike my story, this experience does not require you to travel afar - it could happen in the comfort of your house or stepping outside in nature and being in the elements. 

That's it for now. 

I honor the divine in you.